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Connect Outlook Contacts With Agileip App

If you use an Office365 account, you can connect it to the AgileIP softphone app and then manage your contacts from the Office365 application. 

Follow these steps to synchronize your contacts from Office365 to your softphone.


Step 1:

In the “Contacts” tab, select Office365 in the drop-down menu and click the “Please sign in with your account” button.

Step 2:

Another window will pop up. Please click the “sign in with  Microsoft” button.

Step 3:

Now you can sign into your Microsoft account. 

Step 4:

Microsoft will request your permission to give access to the softphone app. Click the “accept” button.

Step 5 

On the “accounts” tab, you will see that a Microsoft account is now connected.

Step 6

Please exit your softphone app and open it again.

Step 7

Open the “contacts” tab. Select from the drop-down menu “Office365”. Now all the contacts from your Microsoft account/Outlook will be displayed here.




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