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Sidebar Keypad VS DTMF Keypad

Difference between keypads and when to use them.


When on an active call the keypad on the left sometimes stays open. This sidebar keypad is used only if you want to initiate a second call, 3-way conference, or transfer a call, while you are still on an active call.


DTMF keypad:

Click the “DTMF” icon to display a second keypad, then use that keypad to navigate through the IVR.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) is the front end of the phone call that greets the caller and provides him with menu options. By using the DTMF keypad, a caller simply needs to push the number on his keypad that corresponds to the number of the menu option.

Note: The DTMF keypad will remain open until you click on the active call icon.








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